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Unofficial PMN Association


Unofficial PMN Association

This is the Unofficial PMN Association or UPMNA. If you want things to get better for all Pinoy musicians everywhere, join this group and let's join forces to make this the "Official" PMN Association or OPMNA!

Members: 219
Latest Activity: May 25

Updates on making UPMNA -> OPMNA

This is the Official RP SEC that Mr. Omy Clemente has prepared for UPMNA:
UPMNA sec-rp.pdf
(This is 9 page document so I thought it's better to upload the file itself - Sarita)

Funds for the UPMNA: US$525. To send your donations, CLICK HERE.

The association is still looking for SOMEONE who can help us take the FIRST BIG STEP. Nominate or vote!

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Comment by Roger Gimenez Abatayo on May 24, 2010 at 3:33pm
salamat sa pag invite dito ka Nestor ...mabuhay! UPMNA
Comment by Roger Gimenez Abatayo on May 24, 2010 at 3:22pm
ako ayaw ko mag salita bisitahan nyo nlng ang china groove sa dongguan china makilala nyo si Sir Jun...peace.
Comment by Omy Clemente on May 23, 2010 at 3:13pm
All comments are well taken. Jeun is right on. For now we must focus on UPMNA to become PMNA. Jeun, For By-Laws/Articles of Incorporation, refer above. Even if this group wants to participate in the "PartyList" in the future, an organized, active, committed "PMNA" should materialize first. Then we can discuss this with Wowee, others later.Thiel point is also correct. In UPMNA, we cannot even finalize the SEC registration because until now, we have not completed electing BOT's that we have nominated. Ok guys
back to electing or nominating again? Board of Trustees (BOT's), register PMNA with SEC-RP. OK, gising na kayo!!!!! (OMY)
Comment by Omy Clemente on May 19, 2010 at 2:14pm
Wowee's blog: Idea to form an "Artist's Partylist" is a good one. It entered my mind too. We can discuss about it. How to unite (The Key) all artist's organization? Independent Artists? Commitment, Accountability, Transparency, Action are still basic requirements. Come up with one party list to represent all artist's? Existing group or core group from different organizations to spearhead the idea into reality by mastering the partylist law, policies, procedures etc?
Open for discussion...... more ideas out there...............................
Comment by Marlou on May 18, 2010 at 4:02pm
5 thumbs up kuya!
Comment by Omy Clemente on April 20, 2010 at 12:09pm
There is a saying "That for evil to triumph, good people are doing nothing." Let us do what we can do to make a difference individually. Say & do positive things. But let us do something. Prayer is a good example, doing little good things everyday is another. Filipinos in general, sad to say, are good at talking in length, but do nothing. We are good at talking negative about
our government, people, country, but we are forgetting that we are also Pinoys, so we are just talking bad about ourselves, our country of birth. UPMNA, is good example. Let's do it! Not talk about it!!!!!
Comment by Elmer* on April 19, 2010 at 10:57am
Framework -- By Elfren Sicangco Cruz
An honest president
I have just read the World Bank 2010 Asian growth forecast with the Philippines as the second lowest (slightly higher than Fiji but lower than Cambodia) and I unabashedly felt like crying.

How can this keep happening to our country? How can those so-called leaders who have led us to this miserable state have the outrageous gall to demand that they stay in power?

In its latest economic growth forecast, the World Bank says that our country is trailing behind China, Indonesia , Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and worst, it is even behind Cambodia, Laos, Timor, Mongolia, and Papua New Guinea.

This deplorable situation has led to increased poverty, an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, an educational system which tries to provide only 10 years of public education (one of the least number of years in the world), a proliferation of street children, and an unemployment environment that has literally forced millions to seek even low-paying jobs in other countries.

How can this happen to a Philippines rich in human resources, as evidenced by our world class overseas workers and international BPOs, and in natural resources?

It has become crystal clear that the prevalence of corruption in our society, not just in government, has become the biggest stumbling block to our economic progress.

I have stopped listening to all those presidential debates on their proposed economic and social policies. For me, social justice is the most important objective of public policy.

In the Philippine environment where there is so much poverty, public policy and social justice demand that there should be preferential option for the poor.

But it is quite obvious that a high level of corruption can make the implementation of public policies ineffective.

Why think of how to increase rice production when it is more lucrative to smuggle rice and even sugar into the country? And the risks are negligible because the smugglers have the "cooperation" of the highest public officials?

In fact, corruption can draw investment and economic activities away from productive activities towards underhanded or illegal activities which promise higher rewards with minimal risks. In fact large-scale corruption can lead the fostering of gangs and other violent organizations like the Ampatuans, drug lords, kidnapping syndicates, "jueteng" syndicates, and other criminal groups backed by politicians and police forces.

There is now a prevailing sentiment in this country that corruption is the established rule of behaviour so that even so-called decent people believe that corrupt behavior is now an acceptable behavior because "it is how things are done" and "everybody does it."

It is true that people often behave based on how they perceive others as behaving. Thus businessmen who complain about corruption do not hesitate to cheat on their taxes or send their money illegally out of the country based on the argument that that is "how things are done here."

There is, of course, extensive corruption also in media, educational institutions, and religious groups. The so-called civil society and even the supposedly ideological communist rebels have resorted to taxation, donations, and fees which are actually corruption using other labels.

There are many things that have to be done if we are to eliminate corruption in this country. But where do we start?

The 1998 Nobel Prize Winner for Economics Amartya Sen said: "There is, I believe, sense in this piece of ancient wisdom. Corrupt behavior in ’high places’ can have the effects far beyond the direct consequences of that behavior, and the insistence of starting at the top does have reasoning behind it."

In China in 122 B.C., the authors of Hui-nan Tzu said the same thing: "In the same way, if the ruler is sincere and upright, then honest officials will serve in his government and scoundrels will go into hiding, but if the ruler is not upright, then evil men will have their way and loyal men will retire to seclusion."

I am not trying to propose here that if we elect an honest president that corruption will be immediately eliminated. But I am saying that this will be the first giant step toward eliminating corruption and eliminating poverty. And Noynoy Aquino is the one candidate whose personal life and family upbringing give us the best hope for an honest president.

We can only, therefore, hope and pray that, with the support of the Filipino people, Noynoy Aquino will be elected president of the Philippines, so that honest officials will serve in government and scoundrels will go into hiding. Then we can, at last, stop crying for our country and finally start working for a Philippines where there is "Justice for All and Jobs for All."

Elfren S. Cruz is a professor of Strategic Management at the Ramon V. del Rosario Sr. Graduate School of Business, College of Business & Economics, De La Salle University. E-mail comments to
Comment by nestor villas on March 19, 2010 at 12:48pm
sa ngayon ok na nman ang PMN d2,may access na nman,kaya lang d i ko alam hangang kailan,ang alam ko pinapainit lang muna ang usapan,at bigla na naman ma block to?sana hindi na he he he....
Comment by nestor villas on March 19, 2010 at 12:44pm
Omy,and Salathiel,i dont know what i feel,parang na guilty ako sa nga comment nyo,being one of PMNA member,i cant help but feel sorry for what happen to all of us,kami na d2 sa china limited yong contribution nmin financial or moral support,lagi kami off and on,kc a nga naka block kmi d2,sometimes we dont know how to connect or access sa PMN,if you notice mangilan ngilan nlang ang nag online na taga China parang tinatamad narin cguro,in my case i tried to look for proxy site,kaya lang di rin makapag comment basa lang ako at ganon din cguro ang mga Brod ntin d2,sana matuloy tayo sa SEC,Omy nasa Pinas ako this coming April 1 to 13,hope to see you,at nang matulungan kita pansamantala sa BOT.just to make it to SEC,with my friends na nandyan din sa metro manila,under PMN,at yong contribution ko dyan ko na rin ibigay,kc hirap tlaga d2 magpadala sa kinalalagyan ko,ang option lang is western union,pero sayang ang ibayad unlike hongkong,nasa Hainan province kami,isla ito,hope to see you Omy,kahit ilang araw lang maplanuhan ntin ok?thanks.
Comment by Omy Clemente on March 18, 2010 at 7:30pm
Why no comments? Seems to me the majority of UPMNA members are not interested with pursuing the SEC registration and get serious as PMNA. Well, if that's the case, just maintain the social group status quo: no commitment, no cost, no cause. Anyways, a registered PMNA will not succeed with no committed BOT's plus support of the members. Start-up stage pa lang ito. What more kung mas mabigat na ang mga problema, challenges ng grupo? (OMY)

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