Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy Effect on UPMNA, PMN Members & Families

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UPMNA, PMN Members Sharing tragic situation, stories, basic needs, & other members Sharing their money, resources, time, talents (possible fundraising concerts) to help in this cause.

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i agree to everything u said, i guess the best thing is we could do it ourselves, like we have to make a list kung saan ang less naabot ng tulong duon tayo personal na magbibigay at hindi na natin kailangan siguro lumapit sa maga local officials if possible, kasi baka gamitin din tayo, if the only option is lumapit sa local officials prob much better sa pinaka direktang paraan.

yes we could raise funds thru concerts for those members in manila who is willing to help and for those committed talaga, i mention this before already, hinid pa rin naman naaalis ang pa register sa SEC, i guess the target date was suppose to be nov., and its not true na tumahimik na kami, me myself is just waiting for the said date, mas ok na rin siguro less discussion regarding sec since nagkakaroon lang ng confusion din kasi, lumalawig ang issue na wala pa ngang na umpisahan, some are non relevant na.

we could still pursue the registration kaya lang i wont be here in manila from the 16th till nov 3, 1st year death anniversary kasi ng mom ko so i have to be there in ormoc on the said date, im still willing to help in my own little way.

as what ive said the 1st thing we should do is register sa sec, and all things will follow, it will be easy for us to raise funds since we are registered, it would be easy for us to ask for sponsorship i guess too, and pwede na rin tayong lumapit sa mga NGOs as been discussed before, it will be the first step for us to be recognized and be on our own someday

so 1. Sec 2. discussion to raise funds, 3 help the Calamity victims

This is my honest suggestion and opinion


I like the word HONEST AND FRANK it should be noted, and sana wag muna tayong lumihis. :-)
to add up, we could prioritize too the calamity victims, i guess what they basically need now are food, meds and clothings.
Thanks for your reply.



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