all members pls feel free to site your comments here.
suggestions not less than 10 usd.

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Joven, Lin, Bryan,
Regarding your concern, we are still in the process of finalizing the organizational set up of the PMNA. Firstly, we have to campaign for membership, raise the funds for capital required by SEC from incorporators, plus registration fees, then nominate the 5 Board of Trustees who will elect among themselves the Officers/Directors. It is suggested to nominate and elect residents of Manila/Province?? to facilitate completing the RP SEC Form, have them sign it, notarized (TIN#/Cedula of 5 BOT needed) then register it with SEC. Your suggestions are good. But this and other concerns will be handled later on by the Officers as they do their job. Refer also to Purposes thread that i suggested above which are open to changes & finalization. So, I suggest that we elect BOT's who are qualified for the position & who will listen to your suggestions & lots of details from the members during their term of 1 year. Refer to my comments dated 7/28/09 for the Official Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws for details. Thanks for sharing your mind. (OMY)
Thank you so much for your encouragement and commitment to support this proposed PMN Association. For the Purposes, Goals, please read the Purposes thread above the UPMNA site. This is my suggested draft/body of purposes which can still be reviewed, amended (to insert good inputs from everybody), and finalized. For donation, go to the voluntary Donation Thread & designate any donation to go to PMNA funds. Your suggestion to invite sponsors is well taken & will be carried out by future Officers/Directors of PMNA.
Other matters: I'm interested on your guitar design/business in China. Please email me at for ordering/pricing. China to Manila. Thanks again for your desire to help. (OMY)

RITTY said:
Dear All, I'm new, not even from your Country but my lovely Partner and great singer, Mavie Tamidles (for you Mavic - Maria- Victoria) is from the Filipines. I've lived with her for two years now in China. I'm right now only in Europe for business for some time but I look forward to join life with Mavie in a few months.

I'm in the Musical Industry for my whole life, making music (long time ago...) and now designing and producing China. I've seen the struggle of life in China for ALL musicians and ALL coming from your lovely Country!! I assume this bad treatment happens to you all wherever you are, either in China or abroad. You all don't deserve that!!!

I've joined the PMN as this inniative is maybe a ONE TIME opportunity. Read this and tell me what I'm trying to tell you: OPPORTUNITIESARENOWHERE!!.....

If you read NOWHERE, why did you join. However, if you read NOW HERE....

....I'm new so I think I've must have missed something.... as ARTICLE 2 (objectives, goals and so on) should be two pages to me or more.... I know and can imagine PMN would like to stand for and I also realize you ( Dear PMN) need money to reach your goals and objectives, I don't know yet but on the end of the day it should or will benifit YOU, the Musician out there in the field!

I would like to invite the PMN to discuss HOW much money you need to reach your goals. I know by now, after years, that every single pesos count to survive, doing a great job, night after night, bad housing, bad food but being (at least in China) a prisoner of your self when it comes to a legal VISA....

Dear PMN: you need a lot of members and I hope thousands will join and pay just $20, ...$30 would be better and $40 would great! That will be a nice base.

You need sponsors!!! Your members see them night after night when playing in a bar or 4/5 Star Hotels. Your NEW members of the PMN to finance your great, future plan.

I want to be the first sponsor!!! (maybe I'm too late...but I still want).

The membership fee should be not important but the ROI (Return Of Investments) should be outlined in Article 2.

Tell me how much money is needed and what is the goal.

Love You All!

Please no membership fees! yung mga musikerong nasa Pilipinas specially the younger ones, they can't afford $10 dollars.. That's about P500. Those who can afford it, can voluntarily donate. Take volunteers to maintain the site and pay the hosting cost thru advertising revenues.. click, click... just a suggestion poh. Thank you!
Darling, ANG KATAS...anak, hindi ka naman nagbabasa eh...di ba iyan naman talaga ang pinag uusapan natin...nasa forum iyan lagi...kaya nga nagdodonate yung iba ng medyo malaki --para sa mga kapatid na walang puwesto diyan...yung wala --we cannot bleed them..period!

Toto, I suggest, read ka muna ng konti..maraming mababasa and it will answer all your questions ..hane?
I hope you will take the time, patiently. Because --patience is one of the commandments of success.
Ingat anak.



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