1. I Have a question pede bang maging Party List yung Association natin para namn may boses tayo sa Government?

2. May chance bang makasali ang mga musikerong kapos sa budget sa OfficiAL Association?


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Nene, please read Mr Omy Clemente's messages...He did mention that particular issue...You will find it --kasi it was one of the reasons why the others are not very enthusiastic sa Official PMN Assoc. --kasi nga mayroon tayong mga kapatid na walang tugtog at walang monies for membership...so please when you get the chance, take 10 minutes to 9kind of0 scan the questions and answers you are looking for.

Thank you anak... see you around.
Tungkol sa pagiging Party List--Mr Clemente would be able to answer that also...he is the knowledgable one on these issues. T.Y. 'nak..
T C (take care) and ttys (talk to you soon)--hihihi...
dami na ngayong pautot na lingo--maski ako nacoconfused..

ttyl (later)
Mami lin
Answer to # 1 question. Refer to the draft/suggested Purposes, Goals thread above the UPMNA site. One of the goal of the association is to be the voice of musicians, others in the industry, to represent the needs & desires of members to the government, NPO's, NGO's other groups for the benefit of all the members. plus other benefits, projects, programs, etc.
#2 - Bakit hindi, once organized na ang PMNA, we can do raising funds campaign, by doing concerts, etc for those who cannot pay the membership fee at the moment. It will be discussed & approved by the Officers/Members. Best Regards, (OMY)



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