Omy Clemente as President
Peter James Revita as President,
Chie Diaz as Vice President
Wowee Posadas as VP.

Nominated International Region Team Leaders:

Jerry (Hongkong )
Lou (China)
Abet (Thailand)
Manny T, (USA-Ca)
Sonny Q, (USA-Wa)
Jeck (Japan)
Armin (Mainland China)
Alma Jean (Oman)
Andrew Salcedo (LA, California)
Gina (Kentucky, USA)
Jing (ROKorea )
Bernard (Seoul, Korea)
Jang Mae Rose (ROKorea) - Declined
Patrick Louis (Mainland, China)

Nominated Regional Team Leaders in the Philippines:

Norma/Raoul - Cebu
DennisV - Catbalogan
Jeritd - Manila
Aaron - Mandaluyong
Dix - Antipolo, Rizal/Siquijor
Novy - Pasig
Wilson - Cebu
Bishop - Bulacan
Ramon/Horizon - Cebu
Arnold - Misamis Oriental
Maximus - Manila
Jerma Mae - Legaspi
Jinkee Lou Sison - Batangas

Plus others participating in this discussion in the web. All of us has a role here. We can all help.
We know who you are. Let us all be counted. All who are involved in the discussions, should be involved as core leaders in our association.

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Replies to This Discussion

Wowee Posadas or Chie Diaz as UPMNA President
Peter James or Chie Diaz as UPMNA Vice President

Puede ba to? gnito na nomination??hehehehe!
Ok sir Jerry! oo nga pala Pinas based pala.

Wowee Posadas as President
Peter James as Vice President
chie diaz as president...
very seriously guys i nominate chie diaz as president and marlou as vice president...sarita as treasurer...ohhhh!!laban na!!!!
i second the motion sir marlou.revita for vp..
MARLOU said:
Peter James Revita as Vice President
i second the motion.revita as VP..
sir Marlou and sir Jerry and jeck, thanks for the nomination i am really honoured, elated and humbled down by the nomination BUT, i feel im too young for only 29. Although im single and not in a relationship as of the moment and would really love to serve our association, i would feel most comfortable on some low key positions such as PRO (im willing to be sent to provinces and meet with local musicians to organize PMN`s local disitrict of musicians and probably listen to their opinions.suggestions etc.) or just be one of the board of directors. parang hndi ko po kaya ung key position mas maganda po cguro sa mas nakatatanda. but thanks anyway mga sir! i would like to second the motion of sir raoul and mam norma najarro......Chie Diaz for President, Sir Marlou for Vice President and Mam Sarita for treasurer!!!!! (Mam Norma for Muse!)
Okey sa akin si bro. raoul o kaya si bro. Marlou for President.
aba!!! nominated pala ako as treasurer!... pero landslide votes na ba yung pagiging muse ko?! dali na, last chance ko na to mag-muse e! hahaha! escort ko kailangan 4'9" - 4'11" para parang Constantino (ba yun) ni Reyna Elena?! Haha!

hay serious mode na nga...
Hello po sa lahat... I nominate Mr.Wowee Posadas for President and Marlou for Vice President and Sarita for Muse...hi hi hi... Good luck and Godbless for PMN!!!
hello guys, thanks a lot for your nominations. nakakataba ng puso. i am eager and willing to serve our kapawa musiko but i don't think i can handle the responsibility of the key positions sa association. tama si Peter James, i suggest yung mga more experienced na lang siguro. dito na lang po ako sa website natin. :-)
I would like to nominate Sarita for President .



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