What DAW, synths, VIs, modules, plug-ins, etc. do you use the most?

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First of all, I'm very proud to be here networking with fellow Pinoy musicians who posses incredible talent! I am curious as to what everyone's using as their favorite sound source or plug-ins and the DAW platform you're using to record your masterpieces. I've listened to some electronic musicians here and have been very impressed by their sound. Let's share what we have in our arsenal!

Here are a few of my favorites and essentials in my home studio that I use most often, depending on what tune/jingles I'm working on:

Pro Tools HD/Mac *not my favorite sequencing environment but I like to keep the audio files and MIDI on the same page.
Virtual Instruments: Velvet, Ivory, BFD2, EZdrummer, Stylus RMX, Trilogy, Indigo, MachFive, Vienna Strings Library.
Synth/Samplers: Roland JV-1080, D-50, 550, D-70, MKS-20, Oberheim Matrix 6-R,Korg 01/W, M1, Yamaha SY99, TF1, Kurzweil K-2500, Alesis DM Pro, Giga Sampler
Keyboard Controller: Edirol PCR-M50, Yamaha KX-88

Your turn! What toys do you use mostly?

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ok mga gamit nyo mga sirs hehehehe

sana meron naman makapag-share para sa ibang nangangailangan hehehe...kahit un mga free software nyo lang .....ako simple lang gamit ko...laptop at BPM ang player ko sa mga MP3 files ko ...cakewalk 9 pa din hehe

Antonio Arevalo Jr. said:

I use::
imac 2.8 GHz intel core 2 duo
Motu 828, Motu Express XT
Korg Triton Work Station
Yamaha NS-10M Studio Speakers
Digital Performer 6
Logic Pro 8
Finale 2009
Sibelius 5.2
Sample Tank 2X
Kontakt 3
Garritan Personal Orchestra
Guitar Rig 3

Not really fancy but, good enough for home studio productions.

Sir Arevalo...Good Day! pakopya nman po ng SAMPLE TANK mo...bka pwede pong i upload.

Typical core duo acer aspire laptop

Sonar 8 for midi recording, adobe audition for audio lay-in /mix

Creative EMU xboard61 midi controller

uses reason4 for mostly for live performances and Native instruments



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