What DAW, synths, VIs, modules, plug-ins, etc. do you use the most?

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First of all, I'm very proud to be here networking with fellow Pinoy musicians who posses incredible talent! I am curious as to what everyone's using as their favorite sound source or plug-ins and the DAW platform you're using to record your masterpieces. I've listened to some electronic musicians here and have been very impressed by their sound. Let's share what we have in our arsenal!

Here are a few of my favorites and essentials in my home studio that I use most often, depending on what tune/jingles I'm working on:

Pro Tools HD/Mac *not my favorite sequencing environment but I like to keep the audio files and MIDI on the same page.
Virtual Instruments: Velvet, Ivory, BFD2, EZdrummer, Stylus RMX, Trilogy, Indigo, MachFive, Vienna Strings Library.
Synth/Samplers: Roland JV-1080, D-50, 550, D-70, MKS-20, Oberheim Matrix 6-R,Korg 01/W, M1, Yamaha SY99, TF1, Kurzweil K-2500, Alesis DM Pro, Giga Sampler
Keyboard Controller: Edirol PCR-M50, Yamaha KX-88

Your turn! What toys do you use mostly?

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this is my set up in MIDI data creation

Edirol UM-1 Midi cable
Roland Sound Canvas SC-88 Pro
Keyboard Controller: M-Audio Keystation 49e
i use cubase 4, have sampletank with soniksynth, miroslav, sr expansion. kontakt 3, colossus, chris hein horns, battery 3, vone, acoustic legend both by vir2, bfd 1 and 2, drumcore, ezdrummer, trilogy styles rmx,addictive drums. hypersonic2. virtual guitarist 2. virtual bassist. ral guitar, real strat, i use macbook pro 17inch and a quadcore desktop... running win xp pro 64bit and leapord on my mac. so far ayos naman. may little glitches here and there. havent found the exact perfect settings. i have a korg pa2 x pro, and a remote sl 61, a ketron sd3 arranger module, and my soundcard is the edirol ua4fx, i have a layla pero di ko pa magamit gamit hehehe.. among the vst instrument, for me io stil end up using kontakt 3, and sampletank, hypersonic. yung ang pinaka major na lagi kong gamit, dance orchestral pop. subok na. sa plug ins well. syempre. izotope ozone, waves mercury (bootleg oops soei guys ang mahal if orig) and amplitube so far that what i could share.. any guys wanna share vst i just let me know 09189424335... i know its so expensive to buy thats whsy sometimes its nice to have a friend in the same league to share and swap things and info.. good luck to all arrangers out there..
Nice to see fellow computer musicians here & Pinoy of course... Lets plug those in.

My Rig;

Intel Mac Quad Core 16Gig RAM
PowerMac Dual G5 8 Gig RAM - main DAW using LogicPro
30 inch Mac Cinema Display (luv this one)
VisionDaw 4Gig RAM - with GigaStudio
2 Mac G4 2Gig RAM each
MacBook for PD (PureData)
MOTU & RME - audio interfaces

Spectrasonics - Omnisphere, Trilogy, Atmosphere, Stylus RMX
VSL - SE, Opus1&2, Harps1&2
Sonic Implant Symphonic Orchestra
WiVi Wallander using WX5 wind controller
Project SAM Brasses
Private Orchestral Sample Library
LPC Prominy
Lyrical Distortion
Waves Gtr3

Bunches of Plug-Ins & other Sample Libs. If its for Mac, I think I have it... :)

My Guitars, Bass, stompBoxes, Keyboards, Racks are all obsolete & some are either catching dusts or being a door stop. Oh, I have Yanagisawa Soprano sax which I should start playing again, otherwise its a good spider web latch by now.
Mine is..
System: Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz 4GB Ram on Leopard OS
DAW: Protools LE 7.4.2 for my Audio and final mix
Logic Express 8 (will upgrade to Logic Studio soon coz i like, and am used to the MIDI environment of Logic)
Digidesign Mbox 2 for Protools and M-Audio Firewire 410 for my live rig using Ableton Live 6
Synths: Roland JUNO G, Korg Micro X
Guitar: USA Fender Stratocaster Highway One
Controller: M-Audio keystation 49e and YAMAHA KX5 Keytar for my live performance
Virtual Intruments: (Protools LE Bundles) BFD, Amplitube, Xpand, Structure Free, Reason Adapted, Sampletank, Addictive Drums
Plug Ins: (Protools LE Bundles)

Anyone would like to share what mastering plug ins you're using? Im looking to buy something soon but only got a few choices but don't know which is good and cheap. hehehe
Hey Shel! Check out the L2007 Massey plug-in. You can use the demo without pops and other anoying limitations. However, you can't save any settings; otherwise it's free!
When ready to buy, it's less than USD$100.00! I've used it on a lot of my jingles. Check it out!
Good luck!
Great! Thanks a lot Art. I'm downloading now.
im just using ableton live 7
line 6 toneport kb37 with gearbox plug ins
sampletank 2
korg legacy,wavestation
addictive drums

and mah laptop acer aspire 4530
Sonar 7, NI Komplete, Reason 4.0 (Roland Fantom refills, Miroslav Refills, Korg Triton refills, SR Gold Refills, Abbey Roads Refills), Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Stylus RMX, Spectrasonics Trilogy.

Controler ko Behringer.
Wow! I am so happy and thrilled to be in this online discussion with my kapwa pinoys talking about music and technology. www.synthzone.com is also one of the sites that I like most. You can try that mga kababayan ko.

HARDWARE: Yamaha Motif ES8, JV1010, Alesis Nano piano, Yahama DX7, KORG Triton LE, ROLAND A70 expanded midi keyboard controller with VE-RD1 card, Korg X5, Dell XPS laptop, Dual-core Pentium desktop that I assembled myself.

SOFTWARE: Reason 4, Cakewalk and SONAR,
Just upgraded to ProTools 8! Only $149 upgrade from ProTools 7.4. Wow! Sarap. Check out www.didesign.com
Sequencer Software
I do my sequencing on a really old version of Logic for PC, although I hope to upgrade my hardwares and softwares this year.

Sound Sources
I actually get most of my sounds from acoustic or amped instruments through the mic; then into the software it goes!

Virtual Instruments
I use Kontakt by Native Instruments for my virtual instruments but I'm still learning the capabilities of this. Software is definitely in my future.

Keyboard Controller
It's an Axiom I think. Two and a half octaves with expression wheels, eight mpc style pads, and a few knobs. Steep learning curve here too.

Gotta have a midi-synced looper. I use an old Electrix Repeater.

Pet peeve:
hum. It's never all the way gone!
Hmmnnn.... Awesome gear you guys have there... May we hear something or aything you've made from those stuff?... I know we have different types of music, so it will be great if we share our masterpieces with everyone here. It's just like... A big feast wherein we bring a different kind of dish each and put it on the dinner table... ala "pot luck".



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