I would like to get the attension of all pinoy who wants to get back to China... I would like to inform you that this Agent Miss Wang, is a greedy bitch... She is ok with visa because she has a lot of contacts in the immigration office in China particularly in Jiangsu or Suzhou province... This is my experience with this agent.. I started working with her October 2013... Two years contract. She gave me a job along with my band... for two years we didn't gave her any problems.. but in those two years she gave us 4k RmB 40% of our salary. we do the work but she earns more than us.. Anyway this bitch will suck you dry... Then before you finish your contract with her she will force to sign another contract or else she will send you back home... It's like you don't have a choice... We wanted to work with someone else direct hire.. But she will not allow you. she will make you go home weather you like it or not... or else she will report you to the immigration that you escaped from her.. even though you are finish contract with her... This agent is so corrupt, if she can't find a job for you, she doesn't care if you starve to death, she will not provide a house or allowance for you.. but she forbids you to have a sideline with someone else or else report you to the police... So my advise to you if you hear the NAME MISS WANG or WANG JING. or STAR SEA company... stay away from her.. She will suck you dry... 

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