Z CAR M Records Accepting DEMO Music Submissions - Urgent looking for Philippine Artists !!!

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Mabuhay Philippines,

we are a new music label based in Malahide, Ireland and currently looking or talented musicians or bands who have some good recordings of their music already.

We know exactly there are thousands of very good musicians in the Philippines and we would like to give those a chance who finally want to distribute their music. For us its not all about only money, but to help artists !!!

So, you are ready to release your finished recordings and wanna spread it ???

Then you are right with us because we can help you to release your first digital CD. Now, we have the possibility to offer you 5 songs for FREE DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION to more than 120 Music Online stores and Download streams FOR FREE !!! -

Please note, we can distribute, but the decision to accept the music is totally up to the Music Stores side for which we do not have any influence !

What you should know in advance:

a) We do NOT want or asking you for ANY money !
b) You need to have a good quality recording of your song/s
c) Patience, all good things need some time

How to start:

a) First go to DemoSend and register there for FREE !
b) Upload 5 songs for FREE
c) Give me a shout once you have uploaded them and I will listen to the songs
d) I will BID Royalties on your song which you can raise, accept or deny.
e) Once accepted you get a one year contract, non-exclusive
f) I then need the contract back with your signature
g) Then you need to upload your WAVE file of the songs
h) Then I need your high resolution artwork and song classification

After that the process will start and your music will be online which can take up to 4 weeks. You can see your income quarterly.

Your music would be distributed to Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and many more portals. You set your price of your tracks and

You Would Receive A NON - EXCLUSIVE contract for one year !

In case you dont know about that, its a non binding contract with no obligations. Means, you still can sell your songs around the globe and you would keep your song rights to 100%.

Wanna sign up with us for one year, then please get in touch with us today.
Please note: We dont do any promotions or booking bands !!! We only can advertise your release on our website !

Best regards
Berny (CEO) Z CAR M Records
Website: Z CAR M Records
Email: zcarmrecords@gmail.com
Facebook: Z CAR M Records

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